Advice On (Long-Term) Daily Modafinil Usage?

I am a relative newbie to nootropics and biohacking, but upon discovering modafinil I find myself taking it more often (once daily 100-200mg), than not. What are the long term side effects of daily usage, aside from, I am assuming, some kind of tolerance?  Is this kind of usage sustainable?



  • Can I add to this instead of setting up a new thread as relevant because thinking about long term use (LOL I'm doing it anyway).  


    For long term use I take it you need something to offset negative effects on liver - what do you use for this?  Is that LIV52 stuff bodybuilders use enough for this?


    In addition, if you drinking coffee each day and taking modafinil do you need to take something to guard against blood pressure increase?  Would hawthorn berry be okay for this?  

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    I do three days on, one day off to mitigate tolerance. I find phenylpiracetam to be a good substitute for that fourth day - another head-clearing, all-day-energy type of stimulant; heavier on the body and quicker to build tolerance, but that's why it gets the sparser schedule.


    Additionally, I take milk thistle to (theoretically) keep my liver enzymes in order. Which may also help mitigate metabolic tolerance and thereby pay for itself, but I haven't tracked that closely enough to tell.


    Modafinil slightly increased my blood pressure only the first weeks, or currently when I take an unusually high dose. Which I interpret to mean that you build tolerance to the sympathetic effects before the eugeroic effects, and that this issue solves itself. Anyway, if you're tracking blood pressure and it remains a concern, spirulina is one substance that consistently reduced mine by some 10 over 5 points despite starting out in (the upper half of) the healthy range, and it's a great neuroprotectant to boot.

  • Dave took it for years didn't he?  Does he know something we don't re: the tolerance issue :)  Maybe he has found a way, like in the film limitless, to keep taking it.

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    Modafinil tolerance is very variable. Some people don't seem to get it at all, some get only partial tolerance and then plateau, some stop feeling a thing after a week and never get an effect from it again. Also, it can be tough to tell after adapting to daily use of a drug whether you're still above your original baseline or whether off-days feel worse because of a rebound effect. Considering all of that, the ample room for subjective interpretation this leaves you, and Dave's generally optimistic attitude, I wouldn't attribute too much predictive value to his singular experience.

  • I've been taking 200 mg daily for about a month now. My mornings seem to be consistent.

    One recent day I took it at 5pm and had no trouble staying awake until 1am.

  • I find phenylpiracetam to be a good substitute for that fourth day - another head-clearing, all-day-energy type of stimulant;

    Hi, Raza

    I really enjoy the feedback from you in this forum.

    Can you recommend a phenylpiracetam vendor?
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