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I apologize in advance if this post shows up twice. I tried posting before and the system thought I was a robot (maybe because I included links to the products I had questions about).

I am sensitive to dairy.

Short version: Is there any reason not to use goat butter?

Long version: I tried Bulletproof-style coffee with some wet process beans, Trader Joes "extra virgin organic" coconut oil, and Meyenberg goat butter, and I felt no ill effects (in fact I felt great!)

I tried it with a little Organic Valley pastured butter (which was salted, but it specifically said grass-fed, and something about more CLA, so I figured I'd live with the saltiness). It gave me digestive trouble. So later that day I tried to clarify it, although I didn't use anything like cheese cloth to clear the solids; just scooping off the top with a spoon.

The next morning I tried my clarified butter in my coffee with the coconut oil, and I think I made it worse! I was nauseated at first, and really run down. Later I started having little muscle twitches in my neck and my hand. That night I ended up sleeping 10 hours instead of my usual six or seven.

So, today I tried Pure Indian Food organic grass-fed cultured ghee and I felt pretty okay. It felt a little bloated later in the day, but maybe I was still recovering from yesterday (or it was something else I ate).

At any rate, is there any reason not to use goat butter? The Meyenberg website doesn't specifically mention if their goats are grass-fed... but it doesn't seem likely I'll find other goat butter around here, since apparently goats don't make as much fat in their milk, so the dairy farm needs a lot of milk and some expensive machinery to separate the fat.

I felt pretty good when I did the goat butter version, and I'm still waiting for MCT oil to show up in the mail. And ghee is a bit expensive. I could try clarifying my own butter again, but... jeez, not if I feel like I did the other day.

Thanks for your help. I look forward to getting as close as I can to Bulletproof Coffee!


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    Very cool question. The reason we use butter is cause of CLA, butyrate, and the general fats. Goat milk seems to have more butyrate, and a less CLA as compared to cow's. It's also generally non-allergic. Coconut oil isn't really a sub for MCT oil, though; not to mention it takes horrible in a coffee (for me). Maybe you just overdid in butter? I mean, butter is "not a big deal" if you are eating higher fat like you should be.

    I'd imagine all goats are most likely grass/hay fed. Gourme item anyhow. Just call the manufacturer and ask "I'm new, what's the typical diet of your goats?"

    So, my guess is you are golden. But probably expensive, eh?
  • They started carrying it at Trader Joes near me, and less expensive than at Whole Foods. TJs also has Kerrygold, if I feel like trying to clarify my own butter again.
  • Also! Thanks for the information image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I hope my MCT oil shows up soon...
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