Blood Panel - Did Things Get Better Or Worse?

I started the BP-ish diet about 6 weeks ago.  Coincidentally, I had just had some blood work done.  I just got another blood test yesterday.


Here are the two results.


Name                            8/14/2015         10/8/2015

Standard Range                      

Chol/HDL Ratio            3.9                     3.6

HDL Cholesterol          50                       61

40 - 240 mg/dL                       

LDL Cholesterol           119                    134

0 - 99 mg/dL               

Non-HDL Cholesterol  147                     158

0 - 129 mg/dL             

Cholesterol, Total        197                     219

0 - 199 mg/dL             

Triglycerides                141                    119

0 - 149 mg/dL             


Looks like things did get better, right?  Chol/HDL Ratio down, HDL up, Triglycerides down.  All good. 


But LDL, Non-HDL Chol, and Tot Chol is up.  And above the normal range.  Isn't that "not good."?


I would appreciate your thoughts.






  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
    edited October 2015

    I have read that optimally your tg/hdl ratio should be in the 0.5 - 1.9 range.

    So yours did get better, went from 2.82 to 1.92.

    I'll post up a link or ref on this later. or you can google


    edit: for those with mmol/L units; 

    for the correct tg/hdl ratio info, you need to use mg/dL units.

    so convert mmol/L to mg/dL if required; for hdl-c mult by 38.67. for trigs mult by 88.57.

    or, use this online calc


    (the mg/dL version calc is here)

    fake it till you make it

  • Thanks daz.  I appreciate the feedback.  

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