Help Getting The Right Ratio Of 3, 6, And 9 Fats To Help With Dry Skin

I currently eat bulletproof and have 1 T coconut oil, 1 T gf butter, and 1 tsp brain obtain in my decaf BP coffee each morning. (Slowly building up the brain octain because it makes me nauseated). I recently ran out of my fermented cod liver oil (from Blue Ice) and also just finished reading "Brain Maker" by dr Perlmutter, so Im looking for a new supplement with more DHA. Perlmutter recommends 1000 mg DHA a day for brain health and also Alpha Lipotic Acid.

So the more I read the more confused I get. how does that much DHA impact the ratio? I also read through the whole debate between Dr Mercola and the Westin Price foundation about Vit A and D relating to cod liver oil. last I checked my Vit D was 58 but that was a while ago.

Any suggestions on a good supplement with DHA and maybe also alpha Lipotic acid? Despite eating bulletproof for about a year and eating mostly Paleo before that, I still have extremely dry skin. Winter is coming and it's only going to get worse. (Chicago Winters are so dry!).

It's quit possible that I'm having trouble absorbing fat because of my gut issues which I've been working on for a long time. I was also on Cholestryamine for almost a year for mold issues (stopped about 2 months ago and switched to zeolite, diatomaceous earth, Chlorella). My hot flashes also went away about a month after stopping the Cholestryamine so my guess is I didn't have enough cholesterol for hormone production. The dry skin was a little better this summer, but it's starting up again now that the weather is changing. I'm also 48 and starting menopause so the hormone issues also cause dry skin.

If I get more of the fermented cod liver oil I can just add in more Vit D for the winter but not sure if that has enough DHA. Any recommendations? I'm not currently taking Alpha Lipotic Acid so a supplement with DHA and alpha Lipotic acid would be really good. Can I get that much DHA with some type of food or by adding in more oils to my diet?

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