Hotel Travel Planning And Failures

It has been quite a while since I have contributed to the forum and although I have been passively living a BP lifestyle for the past year I haven't been making progress in my health. I recently left the company I was working for because of a terrible work / life balance and started with a new company and am very much interested in getting back into optimizing my health and wellness. 


In working for this new company I am traveling all this week and staying in hotels. I did quite a bit of planning to stay as bulletproof as possible on this trip and really feel like my first day has been a failure to stay BP. So I want to share the planning I took and the failures I've had in the last 24 hours in hopes that someone gets something out of this.


I brought with me...

  • Earthing strap
  • E-Cig (I know not BP, but I like the nicotine while in solitude with ample time for productivity and creativity)
  • EmWave 2
  • Personal Blender for BPC (obviously I also brought Kerrygold and MCT)
  • Electrical Tape for covering up random LED's
  • Acupressure Mat
  • Workout Clothes to hit the fitness center once or twice
  • Pellegrino

The premise of my trip is that I rented a car and am spending today and tomorrow in Columbus Ohio training, I have Wednesday as a travel day as I travel to Detroit for more training on Thursday and Friday. My food plan was to call the hotel and request a refrigerator and microwave combo and then stop at a whole foods after training today to pick up precooked vegetables and then heat them up in the microwave with kerrygold (i know the microwave isn't optimal, but some sacrifices would have to be made).


My failures so far are as follows...

  • The hotel was unable to accommodate my fridge / microwave request
  • The Whole Foods near me doesn't carry premade foods
  • I forgot my second suit for work and had to buy a shirt and tie to prevent wearing the same thing twice
  • I ended up eating a BBQ cheeseburger at a local bar along with a gin and tonic out of complete stress and blind hunger

I am really hoping to get back on track tomorrow by having BPC and then having my only meal be a bowl from Chipotle with only rice, steak and extra guacamole. After tomorrow I travel to Detroit and hopefully then the hotel will be able to accommodate my fridge/microwave request.


Additionally I was able to find a place called neurofitness that offers float tanks and neurooptimal training near my next hotel and I booked a session for Wednesday afternoon. 


Does anyone have any advice on staying BP through the rest of my travels?


  • I always made sure the hotel knows about my 'medical issue' that requires a fridge to keep my medication cold. 


    Plenty of Bulletproof Coffee first thing keeps me going most of the day.


    Travel with Beef Jerky or Biltong, plenty of raw nuts and a bar or two of lindt chocolate. 

    Avocados are usual easy to travel with, although a little more messy to actually eat!

    Cans of sardines or mackerel I can eat straight from the tin. No perfect and a bit smelly, but very filling.


    That'll get me through any day if I can't find anything good to eat. Although it's normally not too difficult to find something 'not to bad' to eat.


    MMA Fighter


    SUCCESS: A lot of little things done well

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