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Just wanted to share....

I have always had a high overall cholesterol number.  My glucose has also needed improvement.  I have not made huge changes, (have always eaten a lot of veggies, some fruit and watched the carbs) but I did start eating a lot more pasture-butter, coconut, olive oil and avocado.  I stopped eating all breads and wheat products, and cut out as much sugar as possible, using stevia instead.


Today I had a panel done.  My overall cholesterol number dropped to 247 (yes; that is a drop).  But my triglycerides are way low (they say anything under 150 is good; I was at 62) and the HDL is way high (anything over 60 is great; I was at 79).  The LDL is still borderline at 156, but I have been told the ratios have improved so much, I should just keep doing what I am doing.  yea!


My glucose before had been close to pre-diabetic at 112.  They say "normal is 100 and under"; I am now at 70.


BTW, I still have my good dark chocolate at night.  My treat I have not given up. 


So all this is wonderful news.  Thank you Bulletproof.  Now, if I could just lose weight. I feel great, my panels are good, but the weight just does not come off.  You name it, I have tried it.  I did lose 40 lbs a few years ago, but couldn't keep it off; I was starving.  I got to where I couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs.  What to do..... grrrrr......


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    Great to hear justmyopinion! Very nice.  :)   


    As for the weight, there's a good chance you're already moving in the right direction. Before your body is in the right place to naturally lose the weight without starving it off, it first has some priorities to deal with and you can see it is taking care of some underlying issues already with your panel results. 


    This is where supplements come in to support our body to do the job. It's like moving day... The supps are like the friends who come over to help out. Without them, its a whole lot harder.



    - Keep eating that dark chocolate and take extra magnesium

    - Take around 10,000 mg or more of vitamin C/day (in divided doses of 2000 mg or so)

    - If you haven't made the switch to grass-fed meat, especially beef, you'll want to think about doing so

    - A good quality B-Complex

    - Etc.....  Research this. There are many more supplements that can help. Make sure you build up your antioxidant pool especially (vitamins C, E, A, etc.)


    It's a start. Hard to know where you're lacking, but these will help with internal issues causing delay in weight loss. Your body may not be ready to shed the fat and release all your stored toxins. With the "extra movers" it can get things done faster and will eventually be ok with clearing out the fat and detoxing.


    One more thing... Do you do intermittent fasting and do you incorporate BP coffee regularly yet? These can be huge.

    Are you in need of a Bulletproof Diet coach??





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  • Loose stool anyone...  ???   FLUSH.... lol



    Take around 10,000 mg or more of vitamin C/day (in divided doses of 2000 mg or so)

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