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I am on this diet for weight loss. 58 yr old woman. What time of day can I use a bulletproof bar as a snack? And would it be considered a starch too? I'm just trying to figure out when and how to consume these in a pinch without screwing up my weight loss. Should I think of one as a meal replacement instead of a snack?


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    These bars are awesome. They're not filling enough to work as a meal replacement, at least for me. I use them as an on-the-go snack & energy source to help me push through to your next meal without feeling low-energy. They're also expensive, so a more practical option for everyday use would be hard-boiled eggs, nuts, jerky, or even a (tiny) swig of mct/xct, etc. 


    Ingredients are basically all fat and protein. No starch.


    Whether these would interfere with your weight-loss would depend on the rest of your diet and eating patterns. Wouldn't recommend eating a whole bunch of carbs right after, but it all depends on you and your body's needs and metabolism. 

  • I'd concentrate on eating correctly and the right amount and not snacking. You're most likely to be snacking more due to boredom (something to do) than hunger. If you're eating correctly you shouldn't need a snatch.


    Obviously there's not enough information to give you a good answer, as you've given hardly any details on what, when & how much you're eating, let alone the 100s of other things that could effect what you're doing.


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