Lessened Cognitive Function In Ketosis?

Let me say, I'm a huge fan of bulletproof intermittent fasting and the bulletproof diet in general. I've been doing it for three years, but I'm having some issues with it.


I like intermittent fasting, I've slimmed down a ton from it, it eliminates all the fibromyalgia-like pain I used to go through, etc.


However a problem I've been having, is that it seems if I want my brain to work in certain ways, ie. being able to read, study, or socialize I have to break my fast and eat some carbs. It seems like then, my brain comes to life. While I may physically feel good while fasting, no amount of MCT oil, kerrygold, etc. brings my brain online enough to be able to study.


This is a huge problem as I have to study a lot. I hate the fact I have to shorten or break my fasts in order to function for anything past playing video games.  


I'm already doing a lot of Dave's hacks, such as adding sea salt to my water. 


Here's how my morning breaks down, in order of what I eat or drink first:


1. Glass of water with a good amount of sea salt

2. BP Coffee

3. Eventually, an avocado

4. Later, after that, I'll have some vegetables, less than 20 carbs worth

5. Some time after that, I'll bring my brain online for the day with a meal of carbs, grass-fed meat, and vegetables.



Generally, I feel good but my brain is on the struggle bus until I get some starch in me. 


Fasting greatly improves my quality of life, and after I break my fast my brain and body work perfectly, far better than it ever would if I weren't fasting intermittently. .


Any ideas? Am I just not wired the same as Dave or Tim Ferris? For them it seems like the fasted state is the most ideal state for cognitive function, and I'd like to think there's some hope I can achieve the same.


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