Dessicated Liver / Grass-Fed Liver Capsules

edited October 2015 in The Bulletproof Diet

While picking up some gelatin, I came across this stuff:


Aside from the steep price, it seems like a convenient way to add a little more vitamin A / mineral content to my diet.  However, I'm wondering if that 25mg of cholesterol is likely to be oxidized, since the meat has been dehydrated and turned into a powder, maximizing surface area / air exposure, then left to sit on a shelf without antioxidants.  (Although, perhaps buying frozen liver and frying / cooking it up might not be much lower in oxysterols?)


What are your thoughts on liver powders and the potential there for oxidized cholesterol?  Am I better off with something like Cod Liver Oil, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, or just lightly cooking bits of frozen liver and chewing that down?

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