2Wk Protocol

        I've picked up and put down the BP book several times, so I just recently read the 2wk protocol. I had loosely followed the roadmap for a while, then I'd cave and not really follow it at all. Except, most of the time, for the BP coffee. Anyway, to get to my question. The protocol outlines 2wks of menus that really don't include dairy or fruit.  I don't want to sound stupid, but, is that necessary? Before I read this part of the book I had invested in some grass fed yogurt, etc. Some of the recipes aren't to my liking, but I'm sure I could replace ingredients with a similar protein, etc. and be ok.

      I'm also not entirely clear on the carb refeeding. I understand what it means, but does this also mean we are supposed to avoid things like rice and sweet potatoes on other days? Do we kind of only eat these type of items on carb refeed or protein fasting days? I'm trying to do the intermittent fasting version of the diet because I have to lose weight but my willpower is waning. Although my husband and I haven't followed the diet at all on some days, he has still managed to lose a good deal of weight w/o exercising.

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