Is Chia Bulletproof?

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The topic asks it all.  Is chia considered suitable for the BP diet?



  • Well, I did some homework, reading up on chia.  Based on my reading and my understanding of principles, I would have to guess that, yeah, chia is Bulletproof.  (Feel free to chime in, Dave!)


    Chia is not a grain, but rather is a member of the mint family.  The seeds are relatively rich in fat, protein, minerals, and anti-oxidants. The unsaturated portion of the fat content is mostly omega-3 and omega-6, with the largest proportion being omega-3. The vast bulk of the carb content is dietary fiber. I can't find anything wrong with all of that!


    Moreover, chia seeds expand quite a bit when soaked in water, and they form a mucilaginous gel on their outer surface when soaked. This makes them useful for many recipes like puddings and beverages.

  • I hope they're bulletproof because I sometimes snack on mercola cocoa cassava bars and they're full of chia seeds.
  • in the Gut Balance Revolution , Dr Mullin lists them a superfood, so he recommends it , and he has been on the bulletproof we have another supporter

  • Would eating Chia pudding (unsweetened) for breakfast cause an insulin reaction?

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