How Much Glutathione Is In Glutathione Force?

edited October 2015 in The Bulletproof Diet

I'm curious about the Bulletproof Glutathione Force supplement.  On this page from the Bulletproof Shop, I'm not seeing any nutrition information:


I found this page on Google:


Are these the same products?  These are listed as being "8x Stronger Than Other Liposomal Glutathione!" -- where does that number come from?  It looks like most other GSH supplements contain ~500mg, while this one contains 100mg -- are there any studies or charts showing that this is an adequate dosage for raising serum levels comparable to a 5-8x larger nano-encapsulated liposomal dose?


I usually like to avoid polysorbate-80 (although, maybe tween-80 isn't so bad when you attach glutathione to it.)  How does S-Acetyl-Glutathione compare with liposomal forms?

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