Pryme Vessyl

Does anyone remember the Vessyl campaign from early/mid 2014? It was a cup that synced to your phone and tracked everything you drank through the day. It would supposedly be able to recognize everything and anything you poured in the cup from home made smoothies, coffee, water, alcohol and even claimed to be able to tell the difference between Gatorade Yellow and Gatorade Orange. It would then be able to track your hydration level, caffeine consumption and all sorts of other nutritional info, tie in with an activity tracker and keep you informed about how much water you should drink to stay at optimal hydration.


I immediately backed the campaign and ever since I have been anxiously awaiting and continually received delay notices. Last week I sent an email to the company (Mark One) and let them know I was starting to feel scammed. Two days later they drop a major announcement that the product will yet again be delayed due to sensor accuracy issues and then they reassured their backers that they would still receive a Vessyl as promised as the company recently recruited a new head of manufacturing that formerly worked for Apple. 


They also decided to release a new product called Pryme Vessyl and are giving all of the original backers one for free. The Pryme Vessyl is basically the original Vessyl but without the molecular sensor, so it's designed to drink water only out of and track your hydration needs. Although I am disappointed I don't have the original product I backed yet as I was looking forward to tracking my water, caffeine and fat consumption I am actually pretty excited about using the new Pryme Vessyl. The company claims it will be available to all one November 12th. 


You can check out the site here.


Personally I think the videos are very full of buzz words and screams "overhyped silicon valley startup" but overall I have high hopes it will be a great product.


I will be sure to let everyone know my thoughts on using the product once I receive mine!


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