Affordable Water Filters?


Was just wondering what types of water filters you would recommend in general?

I've seen some reverse-osmose that was over 200$ (a tad' too expensive under the budget unfortunately) and was wondering if there were alternatives that could reasonably fitler out chlorine, heavy metals, etc...





  • Are you looking for a pitcher style or something that is hard plumbed in? I just bought a PUR pitcher filter for 15 bucks last week. The filters are suppose to last 3 months approx, and they are 7 bucks per refill. $2.33 per month for filtered water to me is affordable. The filters claim to take out 95% of mercury. Doesn't say much else about what it filters but I have noticed a huge difference in the taste and smell (quality) of the water. I am on city water.

    You can get hard plumbed filters for around 30 bucks at home improvement stores. OmniFilter is a brand I have seen. I think these are more for sediment filtration but there are options for filters that filter are smaller particles.
  • It really depends on what you are concerned about removing from the water. Although reverse osmosis is by far the best option, will remove everything, and it worry free except for filter changes every 6 months, or longer depending on how much water you use, and how bad your water is. If you are looking for a reverse osmosis sytems for under $200 try Aquasafe Systems, theirs are $174. Click here to check out their website. Otherwise, decide what it is you want out and do a little research, as most activated carbon filters will remove most chlorine, but am not sure about heavy metals.
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    A better question to ask is where are you located? Water from a "spring" is ideal

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  • Water from a spring is always great, but you't still want to filter it. There's just too many contaminants that can even get into springs nowadays to take a risk. I would stay away from a Brita or the cheaper ones. I would get a system like a berkey. They're the best systems imo

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