Best Mct Oil For Sensitive Stomachs

Are certain brands or types of MCT oil easier on sensitive stomachs? XCT, Brain Octane Oil or other brands of MCT oil?



  • I found Brain Octane was easier on me when I first started Bulletproof.  Friends of mine have had the opposite experience though, so I would experiment.


    Also, don't start with large dosages if you're new to using MCTs.  For several reasons, you want to give your body time to adapt.  The common recommendation with BP coffee is to start at a teaspoon and work your way up.

  • I have been using NOW foods mct oil. I find no difference between it and daves oils. The big benefit is it comes in a glass bottle
  • I find no difference either between Now Foods MCT and Brain Octane.  

    Living in Canada and our selection is less than in the US, it is head and shoulders the affordable alternative.


    Any other comments on the Now Foods MCT oil?

  • Try Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil its not as hard on the stomach as the other mct oils I tried. 

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