Choline Advice/depression Side Effect

I am about to begin my first use of racetams and am considering including some form of choline for synergistic effects and to avoid headaches. However, I have read that some users of choline experience depression as a side effect. Since I am already prone to depression, I am reluctant to take anything that might contribute to it. Are there particular forms of choline that are less likely to trigger depression or similar reactions, yet would still enhance the racetam effectiveness and avoid headaches?





  • ive been using alpha gpc ....but at night i stack Onnit new mood 5htp wich is probally why i havent experianced depression yet

  • alpha gpc by itself makes my thinking clear as day, no depression at all as a side effect, and i've varying levels of depression for 15 years. only thing is it makes me hungry. 

  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence

    CDP Choline is actually reported to have some mood elevating effects. It's my choline to go to, I have social anxiety and it does help with reducing how edgy I feel about a certain instance or situation. Check out some more info on CDP Choline (citicoline) and see if it might work out for you.

    I do want to say that most often the depression side effect from Choline is generally stimulated by the overuse of choline, so following dosage amounts and finding the right one for you is an area of using nootropics that you may want to pay particular attention to.

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