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    As far as I know the savory bars are a new line Exo has launched. Tim Ferriss posted the link to the savory bars on the Book Of Face earlier this afternoon.

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    What do you think of them as an on-the-go snack? At a glance they look fine for that, if not a real workout protein bar.


    More specifically what are your thoughts on cricket protein in general? I'm a fan of the idea of sustainable insect protein, but I've tried one of the Chapul bars and it tasted like soggy cardboard. Maybe we should shift focus to meal worm protein, seeing as they can metabolize Styrofoam and turn it into fertilizer? Double the benefits.


    Chapul Bars


    Plastic-Eating Mealworms Could Help Reduce Landfill Waste

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    I really love the idea of cricket/sustainable insect protein and have tried the sweet Exo bars. I got two free bars a while back when they were doing samples, and the cacao nut kind were tasty. The savory flavors look interesting. They aren't especially high in protein, but for on-the-go snacking they're OK in my book.


    Might try these. Wish that stores near me carried them, though.

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  • Yeah they're more of a fibre and fat bar, no? I'd like to give them a go. Hoping out to the cricket farm in the back yard and frying some up for breakfast seems like an interesting idea

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