Methylcobalamin Without The Damn Xylitol?

Of all the supplements on Dave's list that I'm taking (and benefiting from), Methylcobalamin (B12) is the only one I'm struggling to source. The kind that is recommended is always the Methyl B12 in this link:


But here's the thing, I can never find a version of that without the wood sugar Xylitol. This nasty stuff gives me a pinch in the stomach and effects my moods. Definitely not bulletproof for me. This also means the BP chocolate bars and coffee beans and even supplements like Unfair Advantage are out for me.


For some reason this particular supplement is always produced as a sublingual. So, since it will be dissolved in the mouth, the manufacturers deemed it necessary to sweeten it up a bit. But damn, is there no unsweet version of this under the sun? I mean, if I can handle Glutathione Force (the old dog fart tasting version, too), I think I should be able to choke down a B12 supplement without any sweeteners. What about people whom are allergic to Xylitol?


No B12 for them (and me), I guess ...


Anybody ever come across a version of Methylcobalamin that can be swallowed as a tablet? What other sources of Methylcobalamin besides supplements are even available?




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    Anybody ever come across a version of Methylcobalamin that can be swallowed as a tablet? What other sources of Methylcobalamin besides supplements are even available?


    Impossible! Sugar alcohols have zero downsides! 


    Just kidding. But you might want to look into the cause of the xylitol issues, they could be due to some nasty bacteria fermenting the sugar alcohol. 


    I was going to just point you in the direction of B12 injections (which is an option but you should check what form the B12 is in) and eating plenty of meat. Get tested, you may be all set. But then I realized I should check a few reasonably trustworthy brands...


    Thorne has this B12 which doesn't have xylitol but DOES use folic acid. So I wouldn't take that unless I knew my genetics. I didn't look too long, you might look at Thorne's other B products as well. I take their B-Complex which comes with 400mcg B12 and a bunch of other B's, plus a good form of folate. 


    As usual, Ben Lynch at Seeking Health really has his shit together. Here's a (liposomal!) B12 with 5000mcg plus good folate and a couple bonus ingredients, in liquid form. But, no surprise, it's a bit pricey. I may have try that, actually...

  • It would sure be nice if the Xylitol worked for me ... but alas I'm sick of being in pain over this stuff. My guinea pig tolerance is down pretty low. Don't need any more setbacks for now. But the Xylitol is a weird case study for me. I wouldn't doubt it if I learned later that it was the Xylitol that I can get that is bad. I know about making sure it comes from American hardwood as opposed to Chinese and all of that, but i was doing that. I'll bet there is more to it than just what type of wood was used. Even within the American Hardwood versions, I'll bet there is huge discrepancies in processing techniques and such ... so, who knows ... maybe one day. The only decent looking brand of American Hardwood Xylitol I was able to source over here was Xyla brand. But I've also had strong reactions to Dave's chocolate bars and Coffee Beans ... and yet I can drink his coffee and eat his chocolate. Still trying to suss this subject out ... sort of like chasing your tail.


    Yeah, I couldn't find anything for Methylcobalamin without xylitol anywhere on the internet. I had been taking the exact brand (Jarrow) that Dave recommends and it just makes me feel too shitty. And I'm only just taking one of these little pink sublinguals ... that's all it takes ... about 20 minutes later I feel a pinch in my abdomen and then later my mood takes a pretty big hit.


    This Seeking Health version looks pretty promising if a little expensive. Maybe I'll give it a go ... but, like you mention ... I already get lots of good meats. Maybe a blood panel would be more in order here to see if I'm alright.

  • I'm having the same issues with the xylitol.  I did use the Seeking Health liposomal for a while but didn't really notice anything.  I now use injections.  Those work for me.  I have the MTHFR mutation and menopausal, so have a few things working against me hormonally.  My doctor still gives them to me at $20 a pop plus office visit, but we will start doing home injections soon.  My Dr will oversee all of it. We just talked about it this morning so i should be set in a few weeks to do it all here once a week.  I'm just tickled I have such a great functional med dr that is willing to work with me.    My GP (the dr my insurance comp insists I have) doesn't see why I would prefer turmeric when he has a drug that will do that for me  and thinks all my work with my functional medicine dr is a bunch of hooey.  Funny thing. . .I'm getting well with my food, supplements and things all tweaked to my individual needs by an informed dr. 

  • B12 (Methylcobalamin) with mannitol instead of xylitol

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    NutraBio Labs offers a 100% pure methylcobalamin (Methyl B-12)

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