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I don't know exactly what kind of advice I'm asking for here, but I was hoping to start a conversation about travelling. More specifically, great places to visit with my wife and kids, ways to hack the price of travel and accommodation, food, etc. I'd love to be the kind of dad to just spontaneously spring a fun day trip or weekend trip on my family, but I'm really inexperienced when it comes to traveling and I'm also not at all wealthy. Surely there are workarounds for this, yes? Hopping on a bus, plane or Amtrak train could probably get us to someplace new and exciting, and there are ways to get good deals on transportation/lodging/entertainment, right? Anyone have any destinations that are worthwhile? I live in Ohio, but things around here, well... they aren't that exciting and we've explored a lot of what our city and the surrounding ones have to offer. We're ready to travel further out, but have no experience to draw off of.


Once, when I was a college student, me and some friends took a bus out to Chicago and spent a few days there. It was fun, but it's also the only travel experience I have as an adult. It's kind of embarassing. I imagine a lot of the people on this forum as being well-traveled, jet-setting people with wild lives. That ain't me. If we're being real, I've never even searched for airline tickets before. I was five years old when I last got onto a plane. Travel is a new concept to me, so I want to get my feet wet with some brief, inexpensive, but enjoyable trips. Not looking for "Take your kids to Disney" or something.



TL;DR: I don't know jack about travelling, and don't have a ton of money. Help a bumpkin hack travel so that he can take his family out to do something fun!


Even more succinct:


how 2 "bulletproof" a day/weekend trip??

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