Early Or Off Cycle Periods

Has anyone had an early period or more frequent periods on BP? Any theories on what causes this?


  • Hi, I noticed you haven't had any replies to your question. It's an interesting one, but I'm not sure what the answer is.

    I would think it's due to a change in hormone levels brought about by the BP diet.

    It may be because when you lose weight, you also release stored hormones and toxins from fat cells. This is especially true for estrogen, so it may be that you're increasing your blood level and this is affecting your periods.

    Or it may be because of the increased healthy fat intake with the BP diet, allowing more hormones to be produced.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
  • Actually, I found your response very helpful! It's discouraging when no one answers a post! You've given me some good leads- thank you! 😊
  • Has anyone had an early period or more frequent periods on BP? Any theories on what causes this?

    I've asked this question before. This happened to me but only after I started regularly IF'ing. I use to be 28 days on the dot but started being 25 days. I started takin t3 fuel by Kiefer (enemy of Dave I know lol) but for some reason, my cycle returned to 28 or least 27 (this month) after I started taking it. Coincidence, maybe.

    Note- I didn't take t3 fuel for that reason. It's suppose to help maximize your thyroid functions. So I thought why not, but it seems to have helped with my cycle.
  • So for me, it seems to have improved my overall cycle. 


    I have post menopause levels of progesterone, and I am only 29. In 2015 when I was not BP I had 1-2 periods the entire year. Since turning Keto in December of 2015, and Bulletproof in 2016 I have had 3 so far. I know that this isn't exactly what you are looking for, but I kinda think that it is. 


    I am not saying with definitive proof that going BP caused me to have a more regular cycle, but I can say the detoxifying my body definitely correlates to the same time that I started to have a cycle again. So I wouldn't be surprised that your body reaches a more natural state, due to the limiting contaminates you are putting in your body! 


    I found that the Better Baby Book was extremely helpful for me, and I don't plan on having children. But I do think that it is a fast, good read that is tailored to the women's body, functions, and needs. 

  • I know this is an older topic, but my cycle has been 25/26 days for the last few years, the last two have been 28, since starting to eat more in line with the bulletproof diet. I'm underweight though and have put on two much needed kilos as well, so I was thinking things were balancing out hormone wise.

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