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I would really appreciate some help.


Within the next few weeks I will run out of my supply of a supplement called Healthy Gut that World Health Mall used to supply (the company that produces it have been having production issues for quite some time), it was also known as Mucofix by some sellers and was a very special type of short chain fatty acid (sodium butyrate) that I used to take twice a day.  While I still do not know entirely how it works it resets the natural fermentation in the gut (that I believe may be permanently lost if anyone has suffered from fungal overgrowth) and allows the gut to populate with good bacteria, if fed correctly and stops bad bacteria from spreading.  It also apparently feeds the neurons in the gut and boosts the immune system.


The main things I will miss it for are the way it allows me to keep a calm focus, be at my sharpest, feel strong and athletic and keeps my blood sugar in check (my adrenals feel stronger) and I can eat high glycemic foods / drink alcohol without candida having a total party across my body.


There is a small chance one of you will be aware of a substitute, in which case please let me know if you take a similar product.  (I am not interested in regular sodium butyrate, this does very little for me).

Does anyone have any recommendations for a supplement, device or treatment that keeps the neurons in my gut in check and my bacterial composition.  My main fear right now is that I will go back to how I was before tightening up my diet / supplement health game and be really dumbed down.  I want to maintain my cognitive abilities and be able to live a life where I am not worrying about candida every hour of the day.


Without my special pill my digestion is poor and feels very weak, I suffer leaky gut / allergy symptoms, my immunity doesn’t feel as strong and I have a bit less energy for sports and suffer from brain fog, candida can spread more easily as well.


I take an anti-fungal everyday (Yeast Control from World Health Mall previously known as Syclovir), Jarrows Probiotics once a day, I drink alkaline ionised water and follow a gluten and dairy free diet.


Any advice or recommendations (including tests to find out more) would be greatly appreciated.  Also let me know if you need any more info from me.


Thanks a lot




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    These short chain fatty acids are aslo produced by the bacteria in your gut from resistant starch. If I get it right it is about carbon acids (fatty acids) in general which you can find butter and olive oil...


    They are currently being researched for AI diseases like MS because TRegs are produced from these fatty acids. I believe this is why Wahls Protocol and Bulletproof Diet helped me a lot.


    Science is working on a diet to be studied in clinical trials.


    I don't take this fatty acid as a supplement and I will follow this thread as I am interested in trying that out as well.



    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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