Colorado Recommendations?

Hi Everyone,


So my buds and I are planning a group trip out to Colorado at the end of January. -- The thing is, some of us are skiers and about the other half are not... so my question is, can anyone out there point to the best town or resort in Colorado that accommodates a ski person but also has other things to offer for the non-ski folk?


  • maybe Breckenridge.  There is a bunch of different mountains to ride in summit county,  there is some flat land in town for people to walk or x-country ski (or other non alpine sports),  it has a nice town and other zones close by  and also summit county is the closest good skiing to denver/boulder if some folks want to see a show or something (and short drive from airport).  


    Vail is maybe more a place you can show up without a car and just roll,  but your kind of just doing the vail thing there.  I haven't been in a while but the town of vail has apparently kind of exploded for the small size of the area it takes up,  so if the town has what you guys want and the skiers don't mind a lack of extreme type terrain,  it may be the place.  They seem like the 2 spots... short of driving all the way to aspen.


    The cool thing about summit is you can hit A-basin which is the coolest lift served skiing close to denver


    Have fun!!!

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