High Fat + High Fiber Meals & Endotoxins / Lipopolysaccharides?

I've read that fiber might provide a substrate for endotoxin production, and that fat increases endotoxin absorption.  Looking further into this, I found this article: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2782991/


Lately, I seem to be getting around 50 grams of fat in my meals (similar to the study), with around 25-35 grams of fiber in the meal (upwards of 50-70 grams of fiber in a day.)  I've found foods like legumes / grains (prepared WAPF-style to minimize lectins) particularly useful for bringing lipids / cholesterol into an optimal range, but these foods are high in fermentable soluble fiber which I generally consume with copious amounts of fat.


Is this an inflammatory combination, where less fiber, or less fat would be ideal?  Or is it more of a gut / diet issue, where fibrous plants and a healthy gut avoid this immune response?  Is there a particular probiotic that might promote a shift toward better flora for a high fat + high fiber diet?


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    I thought someone would have paged me by now for this haha.


    Leaky gut / overgrowth is the big factor when it comes to measurable systemic LPS in the blood. There are other factors like poor oral health or infections around the body that can also contribute to LPS production.


    This study is flawed as all hell.


    The increase of LPS came from ingesting egg muffin and sausage muffin sandwiches and two hash browns (McDonalds?) Tell me all that is wrong with this?


    If it was healthy fats and healthy sources of fiber would the same thing occur? I doubt it.


    Then again it comes down to how does LPS get into the bloodstream? We all have gram-negative bacteria in our bowels and in / on our bodies. #Leakygut.

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