What Happened To The Podcast?

I can no longer get BulletProof on Stitcher since episode #245 and I checked iTunes, which also seems to be behind in episodes. I know this because I see the YouTube vids, but that doesn't help me when I'm in the gym or driving. What gives?


  • Mine are coming through ok via iTunes on Downcast.


    Shame there's the terrible adverts on it now! Seems like every podcast i listen to has the same painful adverts every episode, where they used to all be advert free.


    Mostly all 'US only' ads as well, wealth front, Ting, Trunk club, Thrive Market, Athletic Greens, myUndies etc.


    Thank god for the 30 secs skip.


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  • Yeah the apple podcast app stopped working for me so I switched to Overcast. If anything it seems like there's been a delay in the release of the videos?

    And yeah commercials suck. Especially the ting ones.
  • Been listening to Ting for years, as Rogan advertises it too. No Ting in the UK :(


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    The same problem happend again with the new podcastone


    the individual file are gone:







  • I cannot get any new episodes since 245 either. I'm on Sticher. I thought Dave stopped doing the podcast.

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    Hey guys,


    your podcast archive is still a mess with the new RSS feed. For example the 100:th episode is missing, how about that for a bas omen?




    and there are many many more missing breaking the experience for those who signs up for your show on different podcast services. I really hope you will manage to find a place to store your episodes, it is a great show.



  • Ok the podcast feed suggested  is still terribly broken. That is a shame cos podcast apps don’t understand broken links, and the hackers here doesn't seem to be in a hurry to fix the problem. For the few brave souls that looks in here instead of deleting the podcast feed I figured out how to fix the problem.


    Bulletproof radio also upload to soundcloud, that generates a RSS feed you can enter manually in your podcast app.


    Here it is:





  • Adverts and getting worse! Now they slipped in to the middle of a conversation and about things like TV show super girl. 


    That's NOT BULLETPROOF!!!!!!!


    I've listen to every bulletproof podcast, including the very first ones where David was a sort of guest. It's getting to the point now were I don't have time for being pushed TV shows, that have nothing to do with hacking or a health lifestyle. Getting close to "UNSUBSCRIBING".


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  • last podcast dave mention wasting people's lives with adverts and how he thinks about the adverts carefully, so not to waste peoples time. Well, you're wasting mine with the latest 'Shave Club' rubbish. I don't shave!

    Stop wasting my time with adverts...... it's not bulletproof!


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  • @katolotus I could not agree more. It annoys me as well when dave mentions that he sells a product every time it is mentioned... and the adds... I don't wear overpriced underwear, nor shave, nor want to buy an overpriced inversion table, or want to be reminded that dave "manufactures" products (manufacture could also be subbed with "I make nice looking packages for other people's products/inventions and sell them as my own for a big markup") every time a guest or dave mentions something he sells.

    It would be profound and meaningful (we can all use those words dave) if you would stop adding more wasted air time to each podcast.

    By the way, head on over to itunes and like subscribe and share this comment!!!! or you know, don't. Some of us simply cannot leave a review because we do not have a itunes account.

    I can also guess the rebuttal "oh you android users, your so angry! Why is that? I make free podcasts for you to listen to that take a meaningful amount of time to produce. I include ads to support the show and continue the work of bulletproof". Sure, but I've moved away from buying all the overpriced bulletproof stuff that lacks supporting evidence that it is any better/different than other products on the market.

    Don't get me wrong though, I often come to these forums specifically if I have a question or often google 'bulletproof x' where x is a supplements, procedures, hacks, theories etc. For example when I broke my tibia, I came to the forums to find out what others had done to help their own recovers from similar injuries.

    Dave does great work for sure, but is putting a crappy ad in the middle of a podcast really bulletproof? In my opinion, unless dave listens to every one of his podcasts and doesn't also get annoyed then they should be just removed.

    Since we are all hackers and have been taught to hack systems, the skip button comes in mighty handy. Just wish there was an ad blocker for audio.

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    I'm so with you, @katolotus and @Jistbug ... So many right-hooks it makes me want to reconsider watching his YouTube videos so I don't have to hear about camel milk for the nth time.

    But the worst is that his videos no longer allow comments. Why is that?? Why wouldn't you want to get feedback? Too many complaints about constant advertising?

    Message to Dave:
    ...Dave... I'm begging you to please heed the advice of Gary Vaynerchuk and stop with the non-stop advertising (right-hooks). It is undermining your brand, which is awesome, but will be mud if this keeps up.

    If your sales or readership or growth is on a down-turn, it isn't due to lack of selling, but the opposite. Don't double-down on pitching sales. That will only hurt the brand.

    Get back to what you were doing in the beginning. Inspire and concentrate on adding value and not expecting a return. Give, give give... then ask.

    Are you in need of a Bulletproof Diet coach??





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  • I don't mind the advertising so much, I get that he is trying to sell his stuff (although it does cheapen it,) but haven't we had enough of Neil Strauss?! Come on.

  • Is it just me, or is the podcast not on iTunes anymore? I can't find it on any device for the past week. Anyone else having the same problem?

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