"my Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me"

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some interesting stuff here. had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't the onion when i got to the part about death threats. gotta love those vegans!


sometimes i've wondered how many people would consider me or even just folks who try to eat more or less bulletproof to be orthorexic, but i think this article shows what real orthorexia does. i might kind of be a food weirdo avoiding gluten and asking if the meat is grass fed at social gatherings, but it doesn't stress me out cause i don't really give a shit, and my health seems as good as ever. but yeah, if you have no energy and your lips are turning blue you might wanna reconsider some things. 


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    I think you needn't worry about orthorexia if you will eat a Big Mac if you were stranded on an island that only has McDonalds for some reason, and you won't say 'omg it has gluten I'll pass'.


    Not being dogmatic has benefits, I trust the BP diet can and will be adjusted if new information will present itself.

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