Absorb Health Brain Booster Pack

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First I am glad I found this forum, the bullet proof coffee has really helped my day-

and I hope this is an acceptable place to ask this question,- as I was reading some of Daves past information and smart drugs provigil etc..

I was considering getting my feet wet with a brain booster power pack from absorb health and have a few questions maybe some more experienced people can help me with

I see it comes with four things : adrafinil, sulbutiamine, noopept, and alpha gpc

I under stand adrafinil i.e. Processed in liver to modafinil precursor aka like effects

But my question is for the other three,- most of the online descriptions seem very similar in effect and claim *cognitive enhancement*

But my question is- should be be cycled through and how so? Is this is try one for a period and then switch as to not buuild a tolerance - or do you take them all at once? Seems like this would make things harder to determine which was working well and what isn't .. But are these,- because they are sold together intended to be used together??

If anyone could share some wisdom on the noopept alpha gpc and sub. It would be very helpful or even infomation on absorb health supplements in general.

Thank you very much in advance

First post jitters are now a thing of the past.

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