Where To Purchase Ground Up Dried Veggies?

1. Found this. Though it is dog food. Will be trying it eventually



2. Reason for considering ground up veggies- will mix it with grassfed ghee and salt. Should be delicious, painless way to get alot of veggies in. Doesn't need a fridge. I've tried it with dried, chopped vegetables and it worked great though some bits of the veggies were very hard and didn't feel great to bite into. 


3. If you disagree with this strategy, then don't post a response- and you should try dried veggies with salt and ghee its delicious. Frankly, it's not too different in spirit than asprey's idea of blending vegetables. I've just found that the water dilutes the taste of the ghee/butter compared to dried vegetables. Though if you have another great dried vegetable recipe, please tell me 


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