C Difficile

Funny how nonchalantly I'll usually shrug off diarrhea, thinking it's because of stress or something I ate or chewing too fast, or some food or supplement (for example, I rarely drink BP coffee because it seems to give me loose stool at least 25% of the time.)


I had about 2 weeks of weird bowel movements (not always precisely "diarrhea," but often mucusy, loose, like dust, watery, or with a lot of gas, and urgency and frequency), and occasional gassy abdominal pains, before I went to a doctor. I did a stool sample (which is mortifying to do, excreting into what looks like a plastic party hat and then trying to dump or scoop it into test tubes.) The result -- C difficile.


They prescribed an antibiotic -- Flagyl. I've started taking it. My BM's are getting less weird and I'm not having the same pains or urgency, but still have frequent and not-quite-normal BM's.


I looked at John Brisson's "Fix Your Gut" book and see that he recommends a different antibiotic as the best choice (too late as I already started Flagyl; guess I'll just have to cross my fingers), and recommends some supplements like Vitamin D3 and C, glutamine (for rebuilding damage to the gut I assume?), and a probiotic called Florastor. I'm planning to get that started soon.


I'm still very mystified about how I got it. Apparently it usually doesn’t appear unless someone just took a round of antibiotics which killed off their normal gut bacteria balance – then the C. diff that was naturally there goes crazy and starts overgrowing everything. I don’t know how I got it, because it’s probably been at least 10 years since I’ve taken any antibiotics. I have been someone who gets diarrhea more frequently than average, though. I don’t know if my natural C. diff has just been waging a slow campaign against my gut and it finally got the upper hand? I don’t know if maybe taking too much Vitamin C (which has anti-bacterial properties) might have killed off some good bacteria and thrown off the ecological balance allowing the C. diff to run wild???


I’m definitely feeling concerned about wanting to get this fixed and get my gut ecosystem back to normal. Apparently about 80% of cases resolve with antibiotics and maybe 20% have a relapse. And some people have SERIOUS problems – like severe damage or even rupture to intestines. 500,000 Americans get C. diff per year and it kills 30,000, which means that I have a bacterial infection that kills 6% of people who get it. That’s frightening!


What else do I need to know? My diet has not been perfectly BP lately – I’ve been valuing convenience. Should I eliminate all sugars, or even go ketogenic, to starve the bad bacteria? I read that I should eat a lot of fresh vegetables – salads and stuff – to be prebiotic or food for the healthy bacteria. I don’t want to take risks or leave anything up to chance.


Also I heard normal cleaning procedures don’t kill C. diff so you need bleach. Should I order some bleach wipes to clean off those surfaces that are at high risk for contamination – phone, keyboard, desk at work? I just cleaned all our toilets with bleach – amazing how fast they can get messy when you have diarrhea. Fortunately we have multiple bathrooms, so I can refuse to take a dump in the same bathroom as where my wife keeps her toothbrush.


Any thoughts would be appreciated. And by the way – I am feeling really appreciative of this forum. I’ve been really disgusting by what my body has been doing lately, and haven’t informed anyone besides my wife and my doctor. There’s an element of embarrassment and shame. And now that I’ve done enough reading to get freaked out, there’s that fear and worry too. So I appreciate just being able to express myself and vent some of those emotions here.


  • I looked at John Brisson's "Fix Your Gut" book and see that he recommends a different antibiotic as the best choice (too late as I already started Flagyl; guess I'll just have to cross my fingers), and recommends some supplements like Vitamin D3 and C, glutamine (for rebuilding damage to the gut I assume?), and a probiotic called Florastor. I'm planning to get that started soon.


    Best wishes with the C. Diff. 


    I suspect John will get in here and clarify, but hopefully before you place an order I wanted to point out that I believe the Florastor has been replaced by GOS in John's protocols:




    The only GOS supplement I currently recommend is Galactomune by Klaire Labs. It does contain beta glucans so use with caution if you are allergic to yeast. I recommend taking two scoops daily in place of probiotics in any of the protocols listed in Fix Your Gut.


    source: http://fixyourgut.com/recommended-prebiotic/Nov 2, 2015

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    I'm sorry to hear about this. C. Diff is a nasty bug.


    I'd definitely recommend some bleach wipes/solution for problem surfaces. That's what we have to use in the hospital where I work. Also, I would not recommend a super low carb/ketogenic diet. It'll starve some bad stuff, but it'll also starve the good. A more moderate approach like the Perfect Health Diet is probably a better bet. Of course, I'm not an expert, so shop around before you take my word for it.


    Also (and, again, I'm not a doctor or anything), bear in mind that most of the people getting C. Diff are severely immunocompromised hospital/nursing home patients. That stuff spreads like the plague in such settings, and it does usually wreak havoc on those who've ruined their guts with too many antibiotics. It is chiefly these patients, who have a laundry list of issues already, who fall into that 6% window. You're younger, healthier than the usual C. Diff patient, so I imagine your odds of beating it and recovering sans complications is much higher.


    Good luck with your current treatment. I hope the Flagyl knocks it out. Keep us updated!

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    C. diff is normal gut flora for about 10% of people, therefore you do not always need to be in a hospital / nursing home, for example, to come down with an overgrowth of the bacteria.

    How you got it? I have no idea honestly. It was not like you were hospitalized or had taken antibiotics beforehand. Somehow something either lowered your immune system to the point where it became dominant in the gut or something shifted your microbiome negatively so that it could come dominant.

    C. diff is nothing to play around with. Antibiotics are mostly always needed to reduce an overgrowth. Remember, once you know you have it, it can always rear its ugly head. It's part of your gut flora now.

    I still recommend S. boulardii supplementation for C. diff, GOS has not replaced probiotics in all instances, and this is one. C. diff is a gram positive spore forming bacteria, so activated charcoal will not be as effective with die off. Might need to add lactoferrin to the protocol to help break down the endospore and starve the bacteria of iron.


    Wash your hands extremely well in hot water after using the bathroom and cleaning up after yourself.

    Good luck!

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  • You poor thing, that doesn't sound like fun at all.

    I'd definitely use bleach on potentially contaminated surfaces.

    It's interesting that only 10% of the population have C. diff in their normal gut flora. I wonder if it makes a person more prone to having diarrhea, like you seem to have had over the years.

    I think the antibiotics are a good idea and I hope you can get your gut back to normal in time.
  • I'm done with my course of antibiotics. Been trying to do all the recommended things to keep my gut happy and healthy afterwards:


    Veggies -- prebiotic (food for the good bacteria)

    Gonna look for some Bob's Red Mill RS potato starch next time I'm at the grocery store


    Fermented veggies and kefir, yogurt

    Gonna read / research more about recommended probiotics


    For the time being my bowel movements have returned to normal, although during the 14-day course of antibiotics I had days of getting better and of getting worse (urgency, loose stool, GI pain, flatulence). Not sure if it's just the ups and downs of my gut flora having a war going on inside it -- with die-off, spores and toxins released by dying C. diff bacteria, etc.


    Keeping my fingers crossed, and gonna hope for the best and try and be a little more strict about good nutrition than I had been lately.

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    So, Just joined the forum. Saw my least favorite subject.


    History. Had it. The chronicle. 3/31/14 - infected toe = antibiotics. 4/15/14 ingrown toe surgery. 4/21/14 ER with crazy toe infection = iv antibiotics. 5/22/14 crazy C-diff infection = 7 day course of Antibiotics. 6/30/14 reoccurrence of C-Diff infection = 30 day course of Antibiotics + crazy hemorrhoid problems. 8/21/14 - 3rd Re-occurrence. Desperate, waiting for confirmation of re-infection - set up colonoscopy. 


    At this point, I was barely working, very frustrated and looking for answers. The wife of a carpenter working on our house tried to sell me a $2,000 Rife generator. I wanted to blow up the idea, as I thought it was crazy and the stories sounded like a crock. 


    The more I dug, the less crazy Royal Rife sounded. But I couldn't spend $2k, or 20k on a machine. So my DIY-self kicked in. After wasting money on crap software, I found an android app with rife frequencies preset, connected it to an old stereo, ran a speaker wire to two salt water filled buckets, Adjusted for comfort, and started treating away.


    I seriously thought I was going to win the Darwin award. What a weird trip. Tried all sorts of frequencies. Had all sorts of crazy physical reactions. But I felt better. I spent as much as two hours a day with my feet in the epson salt water with electric frequencies going through me. 5 days later, I got the results of the lab work confirming that C-Diff was definitely back. The next day was the colonoscopy and the doctor held off re-starting antibiotics until after. 


    Here is the rub, the colonoscopy found no existing C-Diff infection but tons of damage where the C-Diff had colonized. That was a change, in 5 days, from a full infection to no infection. 


    I ended up taking my feet out of the Epson salt-water buckets when my spooky2 rife machine (spent $200) arrived a few weeks later (from China). The inexpensive spooky2 rife hardware and the free software have been invaluable tools for me over the last year as I have resolved so many systemic issues and a possible C-Diff re-infection. My favorite tool is their innovative "remote" hardware. (I could go on and on)


    My next step was figuring out how to heal my gut. After reading Mercola's book in March of this year, I started intermittent fasting

    + limiting carbs. Within a few days I began to have healthy BMs. by that time I spent almost $500 on different pro-biotics, none of which were enough. 


    The last 45 days, having just stumbled upon Bulletproof Diet, yielded the best results for my energy and health. Just the BP coffee has enabled me to stop 95% of my ADHD meds (I reserve the right to use them). 


    I appreciate Dave's caution when using Rife tech. But with the advent of superbugs, (of which the deadly C-Diff is one), this is an option that I can demonstrate worked for me. My chief concerns are with the "kill everything" option that the spooky2 sweeps provide and the relative cavalier attitude some spooky2 users have thinking that popping some probiotics will solve whatever damage they do to the good-bugs. I also wonder about the affect on the mitochondria. But for focused treatment on specific problems, you won't get in to much trouble. The community is fantastic and ready and willing to help.


    TL;DR = Used Rife frequencies through an android App=>old stereo=>speaker wire=>2 Salt water buckets to successfully treat reoccurring C-Diff Infection

  • I really appreciate you sharing your experiences with C-Diff and Rife/Spooky. A year or so ago I read up a bit on it, and it seemed too crazy for me too. Or at least, like something I didn't want to invest the money on (and the time to learn about it) for a dubious return on investment.


    I may read up on Rife some more, and see if I want to try a similar cheaper DIY version with an App and an stereo, like you describe. Not necessarily for C Diff, but for all sorts of miscellaneous health stuff.


    Still not having diarrhea, but still don't feel like I've exhaled yet. Like this morning I had a normal BM, that also had a floating ball of mucus-mixed-with-blood beside it. Gonna keep my fingers crossed, and keep eating the salads and taking the Florastor.

  • FMT has been shown to be 90% successful in treating c diff




    Taymour clinic outside London has a good reputation. The owner was on Kris Kressers podcast recently. He has a new clinic in Bahamas as well I think.


    I spoke to him once and he said fixing c diff was a piece of cake. No antibiotics needed. He also said that the 90% success rate could be pushed up a lot higher very easy with additional fmts over like 5 days, instead of just one.




    (Old post but thought I should add in case anyone else finds it on google)

  • Does anyone have a rife frequency for c diff? My machine has a manual input, I need to know the actual frequency.

  • Also, what are Dave's thoughts on rife? Someone mentioned he had reservations..

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