How Much Time Do You Spend Drinking One Cup Of Coffee?

How long do you usually spend drinking bulletproof coffee?


Is drinking it fast (in 5-15 minutes) a bad idea? Is it better to drink it slowly over 1-2 hours?



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  • RekaReka ✭✭✭
    I used to drink it in my normal drinking speed which is very fast. I just cannot spend half an hour drinking a cup of something. It goes down much faster. Probably around half a minute.

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  • DManDMan Master of Arts ✭✭✭

    I used to spread mine over 600ml of water and drank it over half an hour or so while doing dual n back training.

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  • I drink mine a bit slower than I normally would drink say a cup of tea.

    That's just so I can savour the flavour and creaminess. I usually only have one in the morning, so I like to make it last.

    But I agree with Reka, I could never spend half an hour drinking it.
  • I used to drink it over the course of an hour for a slower caffeine bleed but now i just pound it with breakfast.

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  • SkeletorSkeletor The Conqueror Worm ✭✭✭

    When I drink BPC (or any hot beverage) I try to enjoy it and take it slow. A half hour or thereabouts is not uncommon. The only issue with BPC is that it tends to separate if you drink it too slowly/let it cool. If I drink out of a thermos, I can make a BPC last like 2 hours, but have to shake it vigorously before every sip.


    Shotgunning BPC has always given me stomach issues.

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  • WalterWalter ✭✭✭

    I'm a slow drinker usually. To the point where it ends up being cold. And like Skeletor says it will separate so I'll end up with chunks of butter every now and then..

  • About 6 seconds. As for the GI effects, it seems to act on me more as a "motility enhancer" than an upsetter :mrgreen:

  • I reach for it, I take a gulp, I set it down, repeat.  Very rarely does it have a chance to cool off before it is gone.  Then I take modafinil/Vit D/Fish Oil/Vit C and pour my second (and final) large cup!

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