Ckd And Muscle Loss

For some of us its easy to lose weight, if your thin, muscular, active and taking a few supplements anyway but who wants to lose muscle which is not easy to put on in the first place?


Assuming protein intake is adequate ie 0.8/kg to 100g and calories are high enough muscle loss should not occur, or am I wrong? Maybe training is essential to keep up strength. 


Calories and exercise reduce protein requirements. Ketosis is muscle sparing. Why? I think because the body doesn't breakdown muscle as much for fuel when it can product ketones for energy. I am assuming ketosis is needed for enough energy production to reduce protein requirements so I want to know why one should do CKD if it means you under utilize calories because ketone production takes time to build - a week or more, why do CKD?


I think it does have negitive effects on muscle which I believe I've experienced lately. I was eating about 1/kg and about 2600-3000+ kcal for a couple weeks and strength diminished. 


Now I am on about 3500 kcal per day and thinking of quitting carbs for some time because of this fear. I also make sure I eat closer to 100g protein a day too.


Anyone know if CKD is worse than ketosis on muscle? And could I maintain muscle with closer to 0.8g/kg and suffiecient kcal ie 51kcal/kg or 20% less since I am not an athlete. 

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