Dopamine-Effect From Methylfolate/hydroxocobalamin Possibly Disappearing When Combined With Coffee

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I have realized that I have a huge dopamine-deficiency (add-symptoms). Last Thursday I came across this:


Me and the "Thread starter" (not completely sure what the proper English-term is) seemed to correlate very much in our experiences with hangover, ciltep and the combo methylcarbonate and methylfolate. Both with ciltep and the methylcarbonate/methylfolate-combination we felt great the first days/weeks but pretty quick the effects faded. I therefore decided to try his recomendations which were: 

·         200 mcg of oral methylfolate, every six hours (6 hours is about how long the effect lasts)

·         1 mg of hydroxocobalamin once a day


He seemed to have got extremely good results from this combination and there is no buildup in tolerance. The only downside seemed to be a somewhat high level of hemoglobin in the blood (he has been using the combination for over a year) but nothing more. 


Yesterday my package arrived. Since I got home somewhat in the evening I just took 800 mcg methylfolate (orally) and 1 mg of hydroxocobalamin (sublinugally). That made me feel great. Today I took 1 mg of hydroxocobalamin and 400 mcg methylfolate in the morning with my BP-coffee with no effect. A couple of hours later I tried 1 mg of hydroxocobalamin and 400 mcg methylfolate again and this time I felt a great effect again. I realized that there was a possibility that the coffee had something to do with it and after some google-searching I found a couple of sources that strengthened my belief. Since this only has happened one time it doesn’t have to be the coffee that is the problem, but the effect when talking with/without coffee was really noticeable. I now have a couple of question:


- Do you think that BP-coffee (and any other coffee for that matter) could lower the effect of my methylfolate/hydroxocobalamin-combination?

- If so, does anyone have an idea what to drink/eat for breakfast instead? 

- Could this lowering of effect be prevented by a higher dose of methylfolate/hydroxocobalamin, and in that case could high doses of hydroxocobalamin and/or methylfolate be dangerous? 

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