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Hello all, 


I have question for you guys. I recent went over all the nootropic that I have and some that I received from friends that don't want anymore. I am trying to figure out which would give me  good focus, memory for readying and recalling when i'm taking an exam. From the list below what would be a good ideal stack for this? 


My goal is for focus/ memory recalling since I have other exam coming up pretty soon. What dosages and how far apart would i take them. I have taken all these before. Any advice would be great. 


Thank you,


1. Noopept - from newstarnootropics

2. pramiracetam - powder city

3. Choline Bitartrate - powder city 

4. piracetam - powder city

5. aniracetam - powder city

6 oxiracetam - powder city

7. cpd choline - powder city

8. Modvigil - pills  

9. 5-HTP - powder city

10. L-Theanine - pills 200mg

11. Bacopa Monnieri 50% Bacosides 


  • Do you have a timeframe within which you need to get your focus stack pinned down?
  • I work in sales and friday is black friday and i gota work a long shift and im tryin to come up with a good stack to use currently ive been on

    piracetam 1.6g

    Aniracetam 750mg

    Fish oil

    aplpha gpc 600mg


    I want a good stack thats gonna keep me full of energy for the day and for public speaking what i Have on hand right now is







    Caffine and l-thenine


    Alpha brain

  • How was your Black Friday?

  • Do you have a timeframe within which you need to get your focus stack pinned down?



    Well to answer your question the sooner the better. I decided to try Bacopa Monnieri 50% for now and see how that goes for about 1 week. then i was planning on adding oxiracetam to it like two dosage of 200mg . One in the morning, and the other around the afternoon. 


    Would that be a good idea or what dosage would you suggest for the oxiracetam?

  • blackfriday was good i got alot of sales my comissions went up by 35 percent with that black friday stack wich is good i may use this stack on days that are gonna be heavy flow of customers

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