Bacopa Monnieri 50% Log

Hello all, 

I decided to try out Bacopa Monnieri 50% since I seen other users talking about the good benefits of it. I have tried other nootropics some worked for me and some didn't do much for me. Well i decided to keep a log to see how things go just incase anyone is wondering how it works. 


Day 1 . Monday. 

The taste was okay most people don't like it. The thing that's weird to me is the smell. I decided that I would take 150mg in the morning before i ate. 


I waited until about 9pm to take the other 150mg . In total i took 300mg for the day. I really didn't feel anything that day. 



Day 2. Tuesday. 


Morning 150mg - Felt okay  not to bad, but I did notice i was a little bit down. Like i didn't feel like doing anything. When it came down to working out durning lunch i didn't feel like getting up or anything. I did notice that i'm a little more calm, and not so much stress. One thing I notice was i remembered a couple test questions i read a couple days ago. I really enjoyed that part. 


Night 10 pm 150mg - notice i started getting a little head ache but feels like it's going away. Going to study for a couple hours then off to bed. 



Im thinking of adding oxiracetam next week or something. I was planning to start that dosage around 300mg a day. Splitting them up at 150 mg morning and afternoon. My goal is for memory, and recalling information, plus focus for my exam coming up. 


If you guys think i should bump up the dosage on the oxiracetam let me know or other nootropic let me know too. 


Thanks everyone for the feedback. 


  • Day 3 . Well getting us to the taste now. Different but it's okay with some coffee or BCAA drink. So far same thing nothing changed or notice any different. 


    One thing I notice i don't get sleepy like most people do . Maybe because I split my dosage morning / night time when i study. Each dosage is 150mg. 


    I think next week i will stack it with some Choline, and noopept and see how that goes. I'm thinking 250mg of choline, but I really don't know how much of noopept i should take for the day I'm thinking that i would split the dosage up to get results. 


    What do you guys think would be a good noopept dosage ? 

  • Well i made it all week taking Bacopa. I have to say didn't really notice much but I guess it will take some time before i know it's working. Starting monday I will be stacking with noopept and choline. I will continue over the weekend taking the same dosage morning, and night time.. 

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    One thing I notice i don't get sleepy like most people do . Maybe because I split my dosage morning / night time when i study. Each dosage is 150mg. 


    I actually tried Bacopa specifically hoping that it would help me sleep. But alas it was of no help. 

    Tested for about a month with various doses & timings before bed. 

    fake it till you make it

  • That's what i read that it helps sleeping. For me it kind of help from what I notice. Yesterday I took the day off from taking it. It's sunday now i'm about to take 300mg in one dosage to see how it feels. Tomorrow I'm stacking it with Noopept to see how that goes during the week.

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