Travel And Ziplock Bag Omelet

So what are your thoughts on the bag omelet. In Dave's new book he talks about hotel foods and uses the hotel coffee pot but now many have the one pot cup. So I usually take my French press and my electric water pot. So it got. Even thinking that a person could just put eggs and whatever veggies in a ziplock bag and put that in the pot. Ziplock by Johnson and Johnson bags are bpa free.


  • sparefilmssparefilms Post-human Construct ✭✭✭

    Experiment time! Video documentary on the creation of the BPA-less Ziploc Omelet!  You have at least one pre-confirmed view count as soon as that video goes live!

  • RodRod The Rodfather

    I would just soft boil the egg and steam the veggies in the pot with a little water, the hell with the plastic bag imo

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