Bpc Backpacking Experiment

After finding a brand of ghee that stated it was shelf stable on the label, I decided to suspend experiments using coconut oil.  I assumed ghee, in general, was shelf stable since it is shipped without refrigeration but the brand I have been using never made that claim on the label. 




The ingredients are 20g of beans, a scoop of collagelatin (that's what comes out of that 70's vintage Tupperware canister) 1T of ghee, 1T Brain Octaine, AeroPress coffee, a collapsable microwave safe (which was a key stat to determine resistance to boiling water) 1L Hydrapak Stash and a coiled wire mixing ball from another shaker bottle (the kind I thought would pop open if shaking hot coffee in it). 


Not as smooth as a BlendTec would whip up but still no floating pools of fats either.  I don't have much experience with the EcoGrinder so the darker color may be the wicked strong brew I get out of that grind.  As you can see, the video is dominated by the grinding process.  I thought of dialing back how find the grind is but really enjoy the results which more than makes up for the loss in volume, by at least half, of the electrically ground coffee brewed in a French press. 


For my electrically supported BPC, I usually let some cocoa butter melt in the coffee before blending it.  I doubt I can get away with that with the torrential heat loss of the HydraPak.  I am reluctant to pack the metal drinking cup but, for now, it is the only stable base that will support the AeroPress plunger operation.  I may use what comes with the cook stove I don't have yet and plunge the coffee into that and still use the collapsable mug to drink from; it loses heat quick but that just speeds up the consumption time.


Any suggestions from field experiences off the grid?





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