Probiotics With A Cold

Is it a good idea to take probiotics with a cold induced taxed immune system such as soil based probiotics?


  • Yes.

  • I'm just wondering if these probiotics can grow to numbers where they stop being PRObiotics and actually become pathogenic with a weakened immune system not keeping them in check, but then again maybe other more potentially harmful strains already existing would of done the same and by introducing competition with probiotics supplementation you decrease the chances of these native strains from growing.

    Besides all that; any good supplements to take with cold/cough? I was going to order some oil of oregano.
  • BTW I'm pretty sick, sounds like a bronchial infection and got that greenish nasal mucus discharge (green snot).
  • No worries about taking a good probiotic. Just take regular dosing of them. As for additional supplements I really stand by ShroomTECH Immune by Onnit. You can certainly just buy the ingredients separately but I have had a great experience with that stack kicking bugs out of my system.

  • Thanks Magn3ts. I'm pretty sure Onnit is having a sale right now so I'll look into it.
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