Getting Good Sleep With Modaf?

Hi Guys,


So I was having some issues with Modafinil on the sleep front where I'd be having trouble falling asleep at night and staying up too late. -- Granted I would experiment with lower doses but really enjoyed the efficacy of mild to full dosages. I would get up super early in the morning and take it, and then try to sleep 16-18 hours later and would often have issues. I've scaled back caffeine on these days and was wondering if there are any natural/but guranteed sleep aids out there to help in this context?


I'm thinking:


Theanine, Phenibut, Collagen, Magnesium


I take Magnesium (glycinate) every night and it doesn't really knock me out like Natural Calm so I'm thinking something more potente/heavy hitting is in order with things like theanine and mag etc. 


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