New Stack Feedback For Studying

Hello all, 

I was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback if this stack looks good for studying exam, memory, and focus.


* 1st week 

I started with Bacopa Monnieri 50% 300mg a day. 


* 2nd week 

Bacopa Monnieri 50%  - 300mg split into 2 dosage morning, and night time. 


Noopept 3 dosage of 10mg  Morning/Afternoon/night time


Week is almost over but haven't really notice much change. I kind of have a feeling a little of brain fog like forgetting small little things. Don't know if this stack is doing this. But most of the time I kind of forget some times. 


I order a different kind of noopept from powerdercity and Alpha GPC choline 50% I will be switching the current noopept i have with the new one i order. I might be adding modafinil to the stack if arrives in time. 


Now do you guys think this currently is a good stack for studying?


  • it might be the noopept with the short-term memory loss? not sure whats the noopept your currently using weres it from?

    i like noopept alot its one of my fav noots ...but i dont think i could take it everyday i like the feeling it gives me when it first kicks in its like a euphoric body high to me atleast then after about an hour its straight focus and smooth energy...the reason i dont wanna take it everyday is because im afraid that euphoric feeling will be a tolerance build up and go away.have you tried taking oxiracetam i feel like when it comes to studying and focus to me along side some ciltep

  • The noopept I have was a batch that sent me by mistake a while back. Never really used it until now. Keep it in my drawer of nootropic all this time. I think that's the reason i wanted to try a different vendor to see if the effects are different.  Since this batch is old and look like little round balls. Easier to measure but I still want to try something new.

  • I've experienced memory holes while on noopept.  I cannot take a full dose of it and function.  I take a few grains of it max.  The amount is miniscule but the effects are very nice at that amount.

  • I'm trying a different vendor to see if I get some kind of improvement or not. At the moment i haven't felt much more but feel like i'm forgetting things. I notice couple the other day when we were talking about movies that I couldn't remember my favorite movie tittle. I could picture all the actors but for some reason i could not remember the tittle. Took me almost 1 day to remember. I didn't want to use the web to look for it so i force myself to remember. 

    Don't know if that's the noopept not working or making forget things. I'm going to stick with it other 2 weeks and see how it goes or until my batch runs out. Now 30mg is the highest users should take right? 

    Does anyone know if you get higher what would happen?

  • I've read in a few places that the effects are bimodal, meaning that taking more does not necessarily do more of what you've already experienced, rather it can degrade your effects, but then yet a little more than that might increase your effects.  So, for you (hypothetically) 30mg might be great, and 60mg might be great, but 45mg will mess you up or not work at all.  You have to experiment and find your own sweet spot. 

  • Some nootropics i notice I have gone up high and other I just stuck what most users say it's good. Now for noopept 80% of users and sites I read to stay with 30mg a day. I tried to follow this rules . I haven't tried going up higher then the 30mg... I might try 40mg and see how that goes. But before i try anything i will try to find if going over 30mg is a good idea or not. Don't want to screw my brain up or myself hahah

  • i found that my sweet spot on noopept is 20mg thats the amount i take in my afternoon stack my morning stack consist of aniracetam NALT caffeine l-theine Sulbutiamine(2 times a week) krill oil.maybe the Bacopa Monnieri isnt stacking well with the noopet?i dunno

  • Well i couldn't find the right stack or anything that i switched it around. Now i'm taking the stack below. This will be my second week on it. I plan on sticking to this stack for other 2 weeks. During the week I will take it 2/3 time a rest see if that helps. During the off time i might take modafinil in between. 


    ( M/T/W ) 


    • Noopept  15mg
    • Aniracetam 250mg
    • Alpha-GPC  300mg



    • Multi vit



    • Noopept 15mg
    • Anirecatem 250mg
    • Alpha-GPC 300mg


    Night Time

    • Noopept 10mg
    • Aniracetam 250mg
    • Bacopa Monnieri 50% 300mg
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