Cured H Pylori But Other Lingering Issues/inconclusive Mri.

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I have been to many specialists, had lots of tests done and have very little results. I am writing to see if there is anyone in this community whom may help me. Or in fact, if there is anyone who has had symptoms similar to mine. 


Firstly, I am a 28 year old woman, 5'3" and 128lbs. I have had experience with the Bulletproof Diet in the past, and went off it because I gained an unwanted 12lbs. I have otherwise experimented with typical American homestyle style eating, clean eating and other Paleo diets. I would say my diet right now is overall quite healthy.


For much of my life I've had issues with food, having suffered with an eating disorder for 8 years and thus dealing with issues like constant constipation and acid reflux. 


About five years ago, I had a equivocal IgE allergy response to egg white proteins, with hives. This occurred shortly after childbirth and coincided with my first experience of vertigo on all raised surfaces. 

About 8 months ago, I found myself completely unable to "tolerate" milk and egg products. I also have a moderate reaction to garlic. I finally decided it was time to see a doctor when I had a hallucinatory experience (in addition to the list of symptoms elaborated on below) after eating a large amount of cheese. 


I had a full body reaction to any small amount of egg or milk, and went to my primary care doctor. After some blood testing came back negative (including testing of the pancreas, liver, kidneys and for celiac disease or diabetes,) I tested positive for H Pylori and underwent the triple antibiotic/PPI treatment. Subsequent tests showed it was cured. 


I then had an endoscopy, and was diagnosed with moderate GERD and gastritis. This was believed to be a result of the H Pylori infection, but I still experience symptoms of the GERD, even after further perscriptions of PPI and later Zantac.


It was then assumed that the issue was allergy related. An allergist later demonstrated that there is no allergy to either eggs or milk. The egg allergy is gone. 


The symptoms that I experience can be any or all of the following, while eating or within 15 mins after eating any egg or milk.


Extreme fatigue (difficulty moving/doing any activity, just want to go to sleep)
Labored breathing (out of breath)
Loss balance/stumbling
Heightened pulse (example: 108 while seated)
Mental fogginess (feeling "stupid" for lack of better words)
Occasional ringing in ears
Itchy ear canals
Developed psoriasis on scalp
Tingling of the lips and hands
Headache in forefront of head
Pain in stomach/chest
Sometimes diarrhea and/or constipation
Gut feels inflamed


After having discussed these symptoms with the doctor, being cured of the H Pylori, my GI doctor ordered an MRI. Results showed severe constipation, but nothing else.


I am open to any and all thoughts, comments or advice.


  • John BrissonJohn Brisson The Legend Formerly Known as Ron Swanson ✭✭✭

    I doubt you are cured of H. pylori:



    Once you have it, you have it for life, and testing methods to determine reinfection are inadequate.


    You have to reduce its population enough until it becomes normal flora. You are still symptomatic therefore that has not happened.


    You could be having some other issues going on as well like SIBO, yeast overgrowth, parasites, but a lot your symptoms correlate with an active upper gut H. pylori infection that has gone systemic.

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  • I had a pretty bad case of SIBO and was able to cure it, here are my experiences.


    I had


    1. extreme fatigue

    2. dizziness

    3. loss of balance/stumbling 

    4. mental fogginess

    5. bloating

    6. constipation

    7. inflamed gut


    all from an overgrowth of what i assumed to be histamine producing bacteria, which along with gut damage, made me very sensitive to histamine.


    I also had


    8. tachycardia (heightened pulse/racing heartbeat) at random times

    9. itchy ear canals


    due to what i assume to be a bad yeast infection which was probably the precursor to SIBO.


    I had the yeast infection pretty much since i started college. I got hit with a bad stomach virus and that day just happened to have downed a 24 of beer with my buddy. Whoops. Then when I was throwing up/throwing up the other end all night i was trying to get any food down i could and chose conventional yogurt and grape juice. whoops.


    I started bulletproof a few years ago and the mass amounts of coconut oil quickly dealt with the yeast overgrowth, but i wasn't doing bulletproof very smartly and the low carb/intense lifting/mega dosing iodine/etc allowed the yeast to flair up again and additionally got SIBO.



    I'd look into yeast and histamine intolerance as the sources to most of your symptoms.

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  • You could be having some other issues going on as well like SIBO, yeast overgrowth, parasites, but a lot your symptoms correlate with an active upper gut H. pylori infection that has gone systemic.


    Please see my reply below.. in addition, how would I be tested for such things as SIBO or parasites? I am living in Germany and sometimes the language barrier is difficult here, so I'd like a idea of how I could talk to my doctor about this.


    I had a pretty bad case of SIBO and was able to cure it, here are my experiences.


    I'd look into yeast and histamine intolerance as the sources to most of your symptoms.


    It's interesting that we have many of the same symptoms. How were you diagnosed with SIBO? As for yeast/histamine intolerance, I don't even know where to start but I will see if my GI doc is willing to listen to the idea.



    Thank you for your responses. Your thoughts allowed us to look into a number of things we hadn't fully considered. We discovered this link it pretty much describes my symptoms and experience completely.  

    We have come up with this treatment plan to deal with the h pylori and other possible issues. I have been taking the following supplements for about a week now, following guidelines that we have gathered from John Brisson's posts and instructions on the bottles, and have already seen improvement in my symptoms. My GERD seems to have all but disappeared. I am still burping, but not as often and no food comes up with them. This may be seen as a positive, but I am also having a lot of non-painful gas.

    L-Glutamine (6g right now, with plan to move up to 10g per day as soon as powder arrives)
    B6 (to help with Glutamine processing)
    Now Foods Super Enzymes
    Dr's Best PepZinGl, Zinc-L-Carnosine
    Marshmallow Root
    Slippery Elm
    Cranberry juice
    Mastic gum (just finishing up what was left over from treating the original h pylori infection, with no plan to continue it after the bottle is finished)
    Vitamin C
    Jarrow Formulas Jarro-dophilus EPS
    Magnesium Citrate (this had a marked effect on my mental state)
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin A
    DGL Chewables (as needed)
    Vitamin K12

    Do you see any of these as conflicting or overlapping? Is there something that I'm missing? Any other thoughts and suggestions involving this list are appreciated. (Regarding this, please note that we are Americans living overseas and can sometimes have a hard time finding affordable supplements. Laws in this country prevent us from shipping from the States.)

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