Will Any Nootropics Give Me A Similar Effect To Dexedrine?

i have adhd, and am currently waiting to get some more dexedrine. i ran out awhile ago and didnt get a new prescription. ideally i would rather find something else so i can take it on a more regular basis without the crash. are nootropics any good? i have adhd with depression and anxiety. i have started going to the gym now, and am changing my diet next year along with supplements. 


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    This is a tricky one. You'd probably need to look into something along the lines of Modafinil or Adrafinil, and take it alongside other focus increasing drugs and supplements. The B vitamin group is a great place to start as they are commonly used as stimulants and to increase energy. Sulbutiamine is a ester of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and is more bio-available than Thiamine, it was originally made to help treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Pyritinol is reportedly to joined Vitamin B6 molecules, so it will have some form of stimulating effect however this is likely to be small and something I cannot speak personally on. Phenylpiracetam or Oxiracetam have both been reported by other users to increase cognitive capabilities in a stimulating manner, and I can say that when taken together with Adrafinil the three form a powerful trio that can keep you locked onto target for hours.

    Of course there is always Adderall, but I personally don't recommend it nor Dexedrine considering the nature in which they work, and the potentials for abuse that come along side them. Not to mention that the way they interact with the brain and its health is not at all good, and aside from the focus that comes from them there isn't all too much that could be said positive about them. I used to have a big problem with Adderall, to the point to where I can't even take one without suffering a splitting migraine (ie: I was abusing them quite thoroughly).

    It's too bad DMAA is so hard to get, well that's likely not true, because it would be what I would recommend. However DMAA needs to be looked at hardcore, the dosing of it, what you can do while using it. It all matters, and it matters on a life or death scale if you don't fully know or understand how it works or its capabilities.

    :) best of luck bro
  • dexedrine was good for when i needed it. i never got addicted luckily. im currently going down the private blood test root. got a home kit for thyroids and testosterone coming. if that is clear i will move onto heavy metal checks, and gut checks.


    i just want something for now. but thanks for the advice i will look into those. do you recommend quzil? from thoughfoods? got free sample coming soon.

  • GhastlyPrezGhastlyPrez Ghastly Prezence
    I'm not sure about Quzil, I'd have to look into it more to be able to say anything.

    Check into some B12 and B1 or B6 for something you can pick up just about anywhere and have quickly. If you don't mind waiting a few days I'd say order some Adrafinil and give that a shot as it is pretty effective for me, especially with a cup of coffee or espresso.
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