White Rice & Using Xct Or Octane Instead Of Coconut Oil

I was re-reading Dave's low carb white rice post.  




Cooking the white rice with coconut oil leads to more resistant starch and less digestible starch.  The post keeps talking about using coconut oil during the cooking process to achieve this.


If we use XCT oil or Brain Octane oil instead of coconut oil will we create even more resistant starch?


Will the carb count and/or glycemic load lower even more if we use XCT or BO oil?


The post didn't really address this, probably because the studies cited were using coconut oil.  I'm wondering if anyone has come across studies on this, meaning how C8 or C10s could affect this starch conversion.  Or, if people simply have a theory on this....that's cool for now too.


I don't want to waste the expensive stuff (XCT/BO) if the cheap stuff (coconut) will do the trick.


Thanks & cheers.

- return of the wu


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