White Rice & Using Xct Or Octane Instead Of Coconut Oil

I was re-reading Dave's low carb white rice post.  




Cooking the white rice with coconut oil leads to more resistant starch and less digestible starch.  The post keeps talking about using coconut oil during the cooking process to achieve this.


If we use XCT oil or Brain Octane oil instead of coconut oil will we create even more resistant starch?


Will the carb count and/or glycemic load lower even more if we use XCT or BO oil?


The post didn't really address this, probably because the studies cited were using coconut oil.  I'm wondering if anyone has come across studies on this, meaning how C8 or C10s could affect this starch conversion.  Or, if people simply have a theory on this....that's cool for now too.


I don't want to waste the expensive stuff (XCT/BO) if the cheap stuff (coconut) will do the trick.


Thanks & cheers.

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  • I wouldn't cook with MCTs.

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  • lol all the questions i have also. and yet no one knows.

    stick to coconut oil for the cooking. somtihing to do with the lauric acid apparently (the article touches on this briefly)

    if you ever find out to the total number of RS per 100g of white rice. please. please let me know

  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    @everton101 said:

    if you ever find out to the total number of RS per 100g of white rice. please. please let me know

    Download the Full text (pdf) of this;
    'Sources and intake of resistant starch in the Chinese diet'

    & search for rice

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  • I'd put MCTs on top of it afterwards regardless... I add it to almost every meal (POST-COOKING, never pre-cooking.)... but as far as this goes if you want to soak your rice in some coconut oil or ghee to give it some flavor at a low heat, go for it! add some spices/herbs (low protein if protein fasting) toward the end maybe sweeten with Honey... Only on protein fast/reefed day... I don't use butter on reefed day, just ghee (lower protein.) Only time butter & rice go together is if I do a 2nd refeed in a week where its not protein fast day... usually only after strength training which is rare for me... Usually I just swim and I take a lot of D-Ribose for recovery and have the Bulletproof Collagen afterwards (some carbs.)

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