Allergy Epidemic In Uk

One of the world's top allergy experts says many health professionals are inadequately trained to deal with the crisis.


A sharp increase in allergy sufferers over the past 20 years has made allergic disease the most common chronic disorder in childhood, matched only the the obesity crisis.


Some 50% of children now have an allergy, with some reactions potentially fatal, but scientists still do not know why.


One of the world's top allergy experts told Sky News cases are not being identified early enough because many health care professionals are inadequately trained to deal with the growing epidemic.


Dr George Du Toit, paediatric allergy consultant at St Thomas' Hospital and Kings College London, told us that while the number of children born with a sensitivity has rocketed - healthcare provision has not been able to keep pace.


"There's a large unmet need with respect to the size of the allergy burden and provision from the NHS at all levels," he said.


Peanut sensitivity alone has doubled in the UK, North America and Australasia.


"There are now one in 30, that's one in every classroom, affected by peanut allergy.[..]



Not that surprising for the BP/paleo/anything other than the western diet-crowd, but you always wonder when the general public will connect the dots. 


Poor children though, they have to live with this through no fault of their own. 


  • Parents with dysbiosis seem to be giving birth to children with hypersensitive immune systems. Very sad indeed. We fucked up big time and they get to deal with the consequences.

    "Men are more easily wooed by imagination then by science" - Will Durant


  • fixerforhirefixerforhire Mr. Not Sure.

    reminds me of this.


    I think every major problem by significant number regarding health could be traced back to diet. perhaps confounded by environmental issues, sometimes entirely by in some cases, but a portion of an argument for another time. I hate absolutes. there's always an exception, i'm just speaking by number. sorry people at ends of the curve.


    there's no magic bullet to fix, but there may be a root cause.


    we as a species are pretty hardy. we'd have gone extinct long ago if our increasing reliance on pharmaceutical intervention and allergen abatement were an inherent necessity based on allergy or dis ease, as one would be tempted to believe by casual observation of society today and the presence of a pill bottles or blister packs in the homes of people, in their bags or on their person; or "allergen free" menus 


    the single most significant boon and only real notch on the belt of modern popular medical treatment is trauma care.

    we can bring you back from death or the edge of, and keep you going; but we can't keep you healthy. I realize that's a scathing assessment. it's NOT the doctors fault.

    it is in the end our decision what we put in our bodies.(lack of transparency and commitment to delivering a healthful, uncontaminated and unadulterated food by a manufacturer aside.)The commitment or resolve to connect the cause of disease to diet in unquestionable terms is another issue entirely. 


    as for putting it all together...

    we are certainly entering an era of unprecedented data tracking that could be used by clever people to draw good conclusions, but will still be insufficient in the realm of scientific method as proof or at least in court or wherever it really matters in terms of health doctrine and policy.

    there are the variables, but the confounding part of proving anything regarding this, is people are also a whole set of variables themselves.

    visually redacted, because that's a bunch of unfounded observation about how I feel on the matter. :) 

    really gangster banterish stuff.


    I don't envy the task of solving the problem or proving anything. just me heckling the pro running back because he cut left instead of right and got tackled. clearly if he'd gone right he'd have been clear and ran it back all the way. put in the position of the running back i'd probably have ended up with a concussion and negative yardage. 


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