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My daughter and I got together yesterday to try out some of the new Bulletproof recipes-- Determined to start the new year out right!  Love, love the cranberry coconut soup and the creamed spinach!


We had a ball cooking together and trying out the new recipes!  Thanks Dave.  



  • I love the cranberry coconut soup too. I usually turn it into a smoothie instead and use less coconut milk.

    "Men are more easily wooed by imagination then by science" - Will Durant


  • I made the roasted fennel, braised radishes and cauliflower cous cous recipes all for one dish and they tasted incredible. Really impressed with the variety in there!

  • I'm sort of tempted to buy a copy, but I'm pretty lazy with my cooking and hate having to go buy random weird ingredients that I just use for one dish. After I got upgraded chef I ended up with a huge collection of spices and crap that just collected dust for years afterwards. Does the new book have some simpler recipes with less ingredients? Also does it have good recipes for folks just cooking for themselves who don't want a bunch of leftovers?
  • Here's an example of my last week's list to prepare my food for the entire week. Most of the spices can be reused for months.

    Every recipesI've made from the Bulletproof Cookbook has been awesome, except the sockeye salmon dill loaf (I think there's an ingredient missing from the recipe because in the intro it says "dill and coconut breathe new life" but there is not any coconut listed in the recipe, nor any fat except the omega-3's in salmon.

    The recipes I loved:

    Perfect Parchment-Baked Salmon

    Buttered Brussel sprouts (one of my friends hates BP and actually loved these)!

    Carrot Seeet Potato Mash

    Hanger Steak (may have bee the best steak I've ever tasted)!

    Beef chili

    Strawberries and Cream smoothie

    Berries and coconut cream

    Bulletproof hot chocolate

    Most of these recipes are simple, but I felt like it was too labor intensive to make chili.

    I highly recommend this recipe book and hope to see more bulletproof recipes soon.

    shopping list bulletproof


    Shredded coconut

    X Coconut cream

    X Stevia


    Ascorbic acid vitamin c

    Coarse sea salt

    Allspice (all in one turkey burgers 103)

    X Ground ginger

    Ground coriander

    X Bay leaf (beef chili 90)

    X Dark chocolate

    X Pineapples frozen

    Lemon zester (buttered Brussel sprouts)

    Parchment paper

    X Fresh mint

    Fresh thyme

    Fresh oregano (grilled salmon and zucchini page 78)

    X 1 orange

    X Zucchini

    X 2 sweet potatoes (carrot and sweet potato mash)

    X 2 cups of butternut squash

    X Apple cider vinegar $5.49 32 oz (need for simple green bullet proof soup)

    Sweet rice flour

    X Sushi rice

    2.5 lbs of beef marrow bones

    X Hanger steak 1/2 lb pg 93

    X Thick cut pastured bacon

    X sockeye salmon
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