Help My Spouse Become Bullet Proof!

Not to long ago I decide to go bulletproof, in just the first day I felt the energy and cognitive effects Dave discussed in the BP diet book. I Literally lost 8 lbs in the first week and i hadn't even been able to go to whole foods for full green foods. Anyway this was life changing for me real fast.


My wife took notice. I explained what I had done and why, the whole BP book and ideals lol. I was extremely excited to have her eager to join me in this BP life style.


Long story short, she didn't feel it, the energy, cognitive boost, the awesome clarity it gives. she was actually a little nauseous and tired.


I'm lost. I expected her to feel and understand how i did. but instead nothing.


can anyone help me help her, I'm doing my research on this forum and the blog also pods to find solutions. Any help to get her detoxed or get her gut fixed would be greatly appreciated.







  • Hey,


    Congrats on your personal results but I'm sorry to hear that the Bulletproof diet wasn't working for your wife! Sometimes women need more protein in the morning than regular Bulletproof coffee can provide. She could add 2 tbsp of Collagen protein to her Bulletproof coffee in addition to the MCT and grass-fed butter and see if that gives her more energy. The collagen protein is also excellent for healing a leaky/damaged gut. For detoxing, she could try Upgraded Glutathione, which is great for assisting the liver with detox.


    The nausea could have been due to her not yet being adapted to the consumption of so many fats. This can be improved by taking Betaine HCL and digestive enzymes before the coffee.


    I hope she decides to give the diet another try!



  • Nicole, do you have any suggestion for BP breakfast for my wife, the coffee doesn't agree with her. do you think tea or the vanilla Latte would be better? Is there a way to actually feed her a meal like eggs and bacon? Grass fed organic obviously. also if this is an option what preparation method would you recommend?

  • Hi there!


    Is it the caffeine/coffee itself that doesn’t agree with her or is it the MCT and butter? You could definitely do the vanilla latte or use tea in place of coffee! That would allow your wife to still reap the benefits of Bulletproof intermittent fasting.


    If she has a meal with protein for breakfast, this will break the intermittent fast. While it isn’t necessary to do the intermittent fasting to be Bulletproof, it is definitely an effective hack for decreasing inflammation and losing fat.


    If she has eggs and bacon, I would recommend serving the eggs soft-boiled, poached, or sunny-side up. Make sure to keep the yolks runny so that the cholesterol doesn’t oxidize. As for the bacon, cook it at a low temperature in a skillet but don’t let it get crispy (to prevent formation of carcinogenic compounds/denatured fats).


    Grass-fed steak and eggs or wild salmon are also good options. Once again, cook the meats at a low temperature if you decide to do this. :)

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