Salt Water In The Mornging: How Much?

Curious to know how much natural salt people put in there morning water first thing upon waking up ☺


  • 1/4 tsp - 1/2 tsp

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    When I remember to do this I make a little water bottle of salt water or electrolyte water and keep it on my nightstand, then I just grab it and take a swig in the morning. I dissolve salt to saturation, add a splash of lemon or lime juice, sometimes some magnesium powder. Citrus helps cover up the taste of the sea  ;)



    EDIT: Gotta admit when I first saw the post title I thought it said "Salt Water in your Moringa" and I thought it was a recipe!

  • about 1 tsp in 300ml of water every morning. Make it the night before and have it by my bed, normally 7-days-week


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  • Which is more effective? Pink Himalayan Salt or Standard Sea Salt?

  • Well the story goes that trace minerals are better in Himalayan salt. But it comes in so many shapes and sizes these days.

    I don't have anything but quality himalayan salt in my house.

  • Do you think it's good for my skin with acnes? I've read that himalayan salt is good for the skin if I use it as a soap.

  • @hu_medstudent It should help with helping your hormones which in return could help with one of the problems which is contributing to your acne.

  • I let my body tell me, I just go by how much salt tastes good to me at the time. It differs day to day, sometimes very salty, sometimes almost not at all.

  • Salt is important for digestion. Why it is important to have it in the morning, and not during the day ?

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