Will Potato Starch Before Bed Break My Intermittent Fasting?

Hi Guys,

Will consuming a couple of tablespoons potato starch before bed for sleep imrovement break my intermittent fasting?


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    technically yes, i guess, but not for long i would have thought...

    let's say 2tbl of pstarch is 24 grams (as per brm label), approx ~80% of that is RS.

    so say the other ~20% is just starch, so that would be 4.8 grams x 4 cals = 19.2 cals from carbs (will convert to glucose).

    and the 19.2 grams of RS will eventually get converted to fat (mostly butyric acid i think) by bacteria in the intestines.

    so there are some more cals there. tho i have have no idea how much fat would actually be created.

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