Does Raw Ginger Breaks If Fasting?

I am already doing Bulletproof IF for long time and planning to eat raw ginger in the morning before BF coffee. Does it knock me out of fasting? Your help is really appreciated.


  • Why do you want to eat it before BPC? Is there no other time you can eat it?

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  • I am from South India. There is traditional process to stay younger. here it is


    #1 Morning - Consume raw ginger

    #2 afternoon - mix 1/2 tea spoon dry ginger power with 1/2 cup of warm water and drink it. I can do it during my 2 PM lunch

    #3 Nigh - Mix 1/2 tea spoon Harde Whole (Kadukkai in our language) powder with 1/2 cup of warm water and drink it. I can do it during my 8 PM dinner.


    I am good with #2 and #3. it will not affect my IF. But, I am not sue about #1. I did lot of research. It look like ginger does not have any Carbs or Proteins. So, it should not affect my IF. but, I would like to validate it with experts. 

  • Any thoughts about consuming ginger morning? Does it breaks my fasting? Your input is valuable. 


    Ginger has calories, carbs and protein, so in terms of BPIF it will break your BP fast. So no longevity for´re doomed.

    However I would worry about the BP coffee and not the ginger, but we are talking different types of fasting here.

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