Hgh - Upper Cervical - C1/c2

Hey guys,


My mother (who is in her 50's)  has been battling an issue with her C1/C2 (vertabrae in her back/neck) upper cervical. Over time she has damaged her C1/C2 and one night (one year ago) she woke up with vertigo. The verdict is that the structural misalignment caused spinal cord compression and thus creates very tight and tense muscles around the neck. She often feels like she is off-balanced, and has a very difficult time even moving her arms above her shoulders.


Since then (one year ago) she has gotten vertigo multiple times, has an extremely difficult time moving around, and cannot balance her body back upright. Normally this can be fixed over time through specific therapy but nothing has worked and progress has not been made. 


Her muscles are not getting stronger so when she gets "aligned" by her special doctor, the alignment does not hold and she is back in the same spot 2-3 days later.


We are looking at HGH as an option to try and wanted to get your guys' opinion/experience on  HGH.


Also if anyone else has any suggestions or help with c1/c2 spinal compression that would be great!


Thank you!!!

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