Any Interest In A Second-Hand Q-Wiz, Uk/europe?

Hi all, I'm thinking buying a new Q-wiz to experiment with TAG Sync and other neurofeedback protocols.


As it's expensive, I'm looking to gauge interest in a second-hand purchase in UK/Europe.  I expect I'd use it for a few months, then sell it on (in excellent, well-maintained condition).


I did this with NeurOptimal - bought from US, used for 6 months, got some good gains with sleep and re-sold. Now it's helping someone else fix their dyslexia.


I'd be willing to do this with a Q-wiz and give you a sizable discount on the retail price.


Is anyone interested in a second-hand, well-cared-for Q-wiz, perhaps mid-2016? This might be a way for us to to both benefit from this exciting (yet pricey) tech.


I'm not looking to arrange a deal until after I've bought and used it, but just testing the waters for interest.







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